Maliha Tariq, Mishal Khan, Ayesha Ashraf, Nayab Zamir, Abbas Aram, Fahad Nasir Mohmand, Muhammad Adnan Tamraiz


Introduction: Parental attitudes (particularly maternal attitude), towards toddler immunization play key roles in the success of any vaccination program. In Pakistan, the Expanded Program of Immunization (EPI) though successful, has not yet achieved full measures of acceptability and implementation, so as to achieve targeted disease eradication. The present study elicits data from urban and rural hospitals to assess if maternal attitude towards toddler vaccination has a role to play in achieving EPI objectives.

Materials & Methods: A cross sectional comparative survey was carried out during the months of March to May 2016 at the rural Nahaqi Emergency Satellite Hospital (NESH) Charsadda, and the urban Rehman Medical Institute (RMI), Peshawar on mothers who had at least one toddler, attending the Out Patients Departments (OPDs) of these hospitals. The sample size was 100 mothers (50 mothers per hospital); data were collected by convenience sampling from the mothers through an interview based questionnaire after informed consent, regarding their knowledge, attitude and practices about toddler vaccination. Data were analyzed using SPSS version 20 for calculating descriptive statistics and for comparisons; the Chi-Square test was used to document significant differences of frequencies keeping p ≤ 0.05.

Results: Significant differences were obtained between urban and rural hospitals for socio-economic status (p=0.025), education levels (p=0.024), and vaccination centers (p=0.019); knowledge about vaccination was similar except that rural mothers thought vaccination could be done at all ages (p=0.019); no significant differences were observed with regards to attitude towards vaccination; more mothers from RMI had completed the vaccination schedule at 15-months (p=0.002) and at 18-months (p<0.001).

Conclusion: Mothers of toddlers using the vaccination facilities of urban tertiary care hospital are more likely to successfully get their toddlers immunized in the EPI program.

Keywords: Toddlers; Vaccination; Immunization; Public Health; Communicable Diseases.

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