Mahnoor Khattak, Laila Zia, Ayesha Rafiq Afridi, Ahmad Shiraz


Introduction: Maternal and neonatal tetanus is a disease of high mortality that is easily preventable through vaccination of pregnant women. In Pakistan due to poor tetanus immunization knowledge and practices, the disease is a prevalent cause of death amongst pregnant females and neonates.

Materials & Methods: This cross sectional study was carried out in two hospitals i.e. Hayatabad Medical Complex (HMC) and Rehman Medical Institute (RMI), Hayatabad, Peshawar from December 2015 to June 2016. Pregnant females (n=150) aged between 15-40 years were recruited for this study by convenience sampling and a structured questionnaire was used where the participants were interviewed after taking their consent. SPSS version 16.0 was used for data analysis.

Results: Majority of the pregnant females who participated in this study were aged between 15-25 years (47.2%) with no education of any sort (45.1%); 64.6% had knowledge of what tetanus vaccination was, while only 16.7% knew that it was for prevention of maternal and neonatal tetanus. In addition, 69.4% of the women cited the essentiality of tetanus vaccination for pregnant women, 56.9% of the women had been vaccinated against tetanus, majority of them (49.2%) having been given two doses. Only 41% had knowledge of what tetanus was, and a staggering 86.3% had no idea about the features of the disease itself. Though 32.8% women did not face any barriers to vaccination, 24.5% stated that their lack of knowledge of importance of tetanus vaccination caused a hindrance.

Conclusion: Practice of tetanus vaccination was high and attitude of the women was positive and encouraging but knowledge about tetanus vaccination was inadequate, with most of the females not knowing what tetanus was or why it was given.

Keywords: Tetanus; Immunization; Pregnancy; Vaccination; Tetanus Toxoid.

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